Friday, May 09, 2008

SpEd Forms Upgrade

I upgraded the SpEd Forms server this morning. Here's a summary of the changes:

1. When a user attempts to add a student with a MARSS ID that already exists, or change the MARSS ID to value that already exists, then the student’s name and case manager are displayed with contact information.
2. When a student pickup is completed, the user can update the district and school information for the student from the pickup screen

1. Super administrators can choose which administrators submit support requests.
2. Super administrators can choose which administrators can delete student records.

Service plans:
1. Referral Source no longer appears automatically on the IFSP
2. Measures can now be used to create data driven progress reports for goals or objectives.
3. On the IEP, a link to the "Extended School Year Services" page has been added to the ESY section of the services page.

Additional forms:
1. Finalization has been added to the following forms:
a. Notice of Team Meeting
b. Prior Written Notice
c. Notice of Educational Evaluation/Reevaluation Plan
2. Birth to 3 Referral Form:
a. A text box has been added to specify the reason for referral
b. A date for when each person was notified was added
c. A "Comments/Other Information" text box was also added
3. On the Parental Consent/Objection form the teacher can indicate who the form should be returned to.

MA Forms:
1. The MA Parental Consent form has been revised. Super administrators can choose to use version A or B in preferences.
2. District administrators have access to 835 responses.
3. Student records cannot be removed until medical billing records have been deleted.
4. Trip log details can be edited in “Create/Edit Batch Files”.

Evaluation Report:
1. SLD Templates have been updated.
2. The default cell padding in tables has been reduced to "1" from "4".
3. The Sensory Profiles and CELF-P:2, have been added to the SpEd Forms Test Templates.
4. ECSE 0-2.11 and ECSE 3-6.11 criteria and templates have been update in the SpEd Forms Templates.

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