Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Due Process Forms

The State is about to implement new due process forms.

Click here to get a preview of what they propose.

Expect more news on this in the next few weeks or months.


PBEC Podcast Format Change


I'm changing the format of the podcast! From now on, I intend to have shorter, but more frequent podcasts. My intent is to have 2-3 minute podcasts once or twice a week. This will allow me to work with smaller subjects at a time and allowing for easier production of each episode.

To make this more inclusive, I'm also rolling out this blog, which is an underlying piece of technology used to publish the podcast. I encourage you to bookmark this blog, or use an RSS reader, and keep an eye on the blog. There WILL be posts to the blog that will not be mentioned in the podcasts!

An additional benefit to the blog is that it bypasses email that has been, and will probably remain, a problem as far as reliability is concerned.

That's it for now! God Bless.