Friday, June 29, 2007

Phone Number Changes

All of the direct dial phone numbers for the coop that began with 855 now begin with 454. For example, my number was 855-5531 and is now 454-5531.

SpEd Forms Server Scheduled Downtime - July 6

The SpEd Forms server will be unavailable, all day, July 6, 2007. The downtime is for maintenance at the network operations center in Brainerd where the server is housed.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

SpEd Forms Updated

I just completed an update to our SpEd Forms software. Along with some third party billing updates, here's a list of changes for teachers:
  1. The “Summary of Performance” is now available.
  2. A companion extended school year checklist has been linked to the existing “Extended School Year” form.
  3. On the forms menu, the “Special Education Data Sheet”, “MARSS Student Data” and “Release of Information” forms are now listed with the “Notice of District’s Proposed Action or Denial” for easy access.
  4. When an evaluation report is finalized, a prompt now appears for the new student evaluation status and the evaluation date is updated in Student Setup.