Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Service Start and End Dates

I’ve had a few questions about the service start and end date fields and I’d like to clarify a few things.
There are date fields on the ‘Edit Setup’ page and the ‘Special Education Data Sheet’ for ‘Service Start Date’ and ‘Service End Date’. These dates are linked in the database, so if you change them on one form, they will change on the other.
The service start date should be the earliest date that a service starts for the IEP. The service end date should be the latest date a service ends on the IEP. These dates are needed for MARSS status reporting and don’t explicitly exist on the IEP.
Since a student can have a variety of services with potentially different start and end dates, these fields require manual entry. When you create a new IEP, you will need to manually update these fields on the student's setup page or the Special Education Data Sheet.
These fields do NOT get checked at validation time because they are not on the actual IEP.
Here's a short video showing where the dates are in SpEd Forms.

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