Friday, May 25, 2007

PBEC Podcast Issue 9

This is the final podcast of the 2006-2007 school year. This issue covers:
  1. There is a demo on this blog showing how to transfer a student to a new case manager.
  2. There is a demo on this blog showing how to request access to a student.
  3. Don't change student's grade level in SpEd Forms or AIMSweb. (I'll do that.)
  4. Set up extended school year services just like regular ones, just set the dates.
  5. We'll be getting a new server computer for SpEd Forms over the summer.
  6. I'll be upgrading SpEd Forms the first week of June.
  7. I'm expecting a major SpEd Forms upgrade with forms changes before September.
  8. I'll be collecting SRI data next week and upgrading Read180 over the summer.
  9. I'll be doing a session at the summer institute workshops in August.
  10. Up to the MN*AT is in June. Just $10 a day!
  11. I'll be posting important notices to the blog over the summer.
Have a great summer!

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