Friday, February 23, 2007

SpEd Forms Upgrade

I've upgraded the SpEd Forms server. Here's a summary of the changes:
  1. Simplified user interface - "Student setup" and "Work with student information" have been combined into a single "Work with students" screen.
  2. Improved MARSS entry screen based on DOE MARSS Student Data form ED-01910-10.
  3. A new tuition billing calculator in "Student Setup" helps calculate total service hours.
  4. "Evaluation Status" is now called "Status". Includes two new student status options; 90 (General Education) and 91 (504 Plan).
  5. "Services Summary" has been improved and renamed "Special Education Data Sheet".
  6. The "Student Acknowledgement and Tuition Agreement" form has been added.
  7. A new client-side JavaScript spell check program has been implemented. Works with DesignMode and much better in all internet browsers.
  8. Request access to any student record in the site database by clicking on the "Request Student" button at the top of the student list.
  9. Measure and graph progress towards goals and objectives.
  10. The full working copy of the student record is now transferred when using the remote transfer between school districts.
The new user guide, reflecting the changes in SpEd Forms, is now available.

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